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Fueled with passion and reaching all over the web,
Erisia brings the gaming world to life.

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Our online productions range from video to audio and written content, with high quality delivery.
Explore and expand your game universe with us.

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Upcoming projects cover esports scenes and game production,
along with special community events.


Our projects:

*Awesome projects
Media Mobile Games
Since 2020 is the first French specialized media solely focusing on mobile gaming content. There, our team covers the biggest releases, weekly news and latest game patches, with humor and a hint of perspective on the gobal market. On the other hand, we also write in-depth guides, tips to follow the meta on major titles and extensive game reviews to find out about your next gaming obsession.

All of our content is written in French and available in English and German.

Screenshot JeuMobi
Youtube Media Mobile Games
Since 2021
JeuMobi Youtube Channel

Our professional video content has created weekly habits for a growing community. In French, we publish mobile game monthly and thematic tops, weekly news recaps focused solely on mobile trends and latest releases, single tests with in-depth review and occasionally some must-know tips and tricks.

Moreover, our videos match content released on, providing links to complete analyses over diverse topics like NFT games, metaverse, major licenses porting to mobile and recent preregistration openings.

Screenshot Youtube JeuMobi
Social Media Fantasy
Since 2015
La comté du Geek

Truly committed to the hobbit healthy lifestyle, La Comté du Geek embraces the second breakfast habit with a bowl of memes and a spoonful of geek references. Our content focuses on video games, MMORPGs, Kaamelott, LOTR, The Hobbit, as well as fantasy and sci-fi universes.

This community blends in the Star Wars chill with your daily dose of Gandalf wisdom and a twist of French humor.

FB : 200k followers / 3M reach and 450k interactions per month
Insta : 35k followers / 3k reactions per post

Presentation La comté du Geek
Gaming Recruitment Teams
Coming in 2024
eSports Platform

An unannounced esports platform to find teammates and bring your best game to small and not so small tournaments.

This haven for competitors fostering friendly teamplay is coming soon to desktop, tablet and mobile screens for unmatched team search and organization.

Gear up for the next generation of esports.

Coming Soon
Collaborative Geek Platform
Coming in 2025

Lunaris is the new edition of, a platform bringing together all geek universes into the One website (not to be thrown into the Mordor). It reconciles video games with movies, series, books, manga, anime, board games and technology so that you don't have to look anywhere else to find out which game you should play next. You can check out the latest news, releases, sales and guides as well as share your multiple passions with other members who are not afraid to step into another virtual dimension of pop culture.

Our collaborative gamified website is still in the works, but some of our illustrations are already in use on

Screenshot JeuGeek
LostCenturia Database Tools
Created in 2021

Welcome to the perfect tool for Lost Centuria players.

Monsters are presented in our database with their basic stats, skill stones and all other essential info to help you pick the right match for your team. But there's more! On each monster's page, you can also find rune sets and compositions created by the community, or create your own with an intuitive build system.

Time to perfect your theory crafting skills within the community and join an alliance.


Our team character:

Skills & Values
There is nothing better than character creation to reveal your true gaming soul.
Precision and efficiency are skills that we master when it comes to production, but our attention to detail never sleeps. Matching that blue hair with the right tattoo is essential.
Swords are cool. However, with this kind of shield, we can weather any storm of blades and difficulties
in our projects.
Nothing like a morning boost to recover from nights of ranked games fever. Ideas are brewed into the mix for best results.
Born an entrepreneur, our team character trusts their exploration instincts and sensory feedback above all else. They're constantly adapting.

Our Partners:

Epic & Unique
Ankama logo
Ankama trusted us to promote Dofus Touch to a wide mobile gaming audience through a series of video and written content.
bluestacks logo
Android Emulator
Hand-in-hand with Bluestacks, we guide gamers towards top-notch android emulator services using ads and custom articles.
Archosaur games logo
Archosaur Games is a long-standing partner, having collaborated with us for their Madtale, Life Makeover and Dragon Raja campaigns.
Scopely logo
We successfully reviewed, displayed and advertized Kingdom Maker through our various channels.
App Gallery logo
Together with AppGallery, we've built a long-term crossmedia partnership around mobile gaming content.
4:33 logo
Studio 4:33 worked with us to bring their games to a larger mobile viewership on our YouTube Channel and website.
Wanda Cinema Games logo
We participated in the launch campaign for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice through our various channels.
mobalytics logo
Companion App
We've worked on sponsored content with Mobalytics to advertize their tools, expertise and theorycrafting solutions.
ldplayer logo
Android Emulator
We promote LD Player's know-how to new audiences over diverse areas of the mobile market.
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