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Erisia is a French company aiming at gamers and geeks of all ages and backgrounds to shoot detailed, precise and witty content their way. Passion is our team's core value, thus we always strive for entertaining media shaped with the utmost attention to detail.

As gamers, we often end up using our own guides to progress when we are stuck, so we always put quality first for our users... and for ourselves.

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Companion App
We've worked on sponsored content with Mobalytics to advertize their tools, expertise and theorycrafting solutions.
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Android Emulator
Hand-in-hand with Bluestacks, we guide gamers towards top-notch android emulator services using ads and custom articles.
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Together with AppGallery, we've built a long-term crossmedia partnership around mobile gaming content.
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Android Emulator
We promote LD Player's know-how to new audiences over diverse areas of the mobile market.
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